Our values

Our values

Who are we ?

Unicorn Dataset (UDS) is a young French company, born among the cicadas in the middle of July 2020. It relies on a team of engineers and doctors, experts in software design. We are committed to carrying out the most ambitious projects. We recruit and train the engineers who will shape the data world of tomorrow. Agriculture, connected industry, Factory 4.0… are areas that we are keen to revolutionize.

Just out of interest, “Unicorn Dataset” is an American expression for dataset that contains no errors or a dataset that is instantly compatible with another dataset.

The result of more than 10 years of expertise

UDS is a spin-off of Step AT 100% dedicated to Industry 4.0. A very close partnership links these two companies in order to offer you the solution that perfectly suits all your needs.

Cybersecurity at the heart of our concerns

Nowaday, data can be highly coveted. That’s why we’re obsessing over this issue. With UDS, your data travels securely to your media: computer, smartphone, tablet, HMI, etc. UDS Atom complies with ANSSI requirements concerning the cybersecurity of industrial systems.

The challenges of Industry 4.0

The digitization of processes will lead to a connected industry. The business of tomorrow will need to be able to manage its data perfectly to be at the forefront of performance. It will achieve economy of scale, eliminating unnecessary processes and wasted time due to lack of information.

The solutions offered by UDS allow the collection of a multitude of information, its management and its processing resulting in a better understanding of the functioning of the company.

You have needs, you’re interested in Factory 4.0?

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